7 Things To Love About Rose Water

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7 Things To Love About Rose Water


7 Things To Love About Rose Water

When I was a little girl, I loved looking at all the roses in my Grandma's garden.  I would spend hours smelling the individual blooms on every plant within reach of my nose.  Later in life I learned all about the wonderful benefits of roses for skin, hair and more.  Here are 7 things I love about Rose Water.

  1. First of all, rose water smells heavenly.  The scent doesn't just smell amazing, it uplifts your mood and can help fend off depression and anxiety.
  2. Rose water is great for all skin types.  It offers superb hydration on the skin, leaving it dewy and refreshed.  Spray it your face or add it to your moisturizer for a little extra oomph.  
  3. Rose water moisturizes your hair and helps combat frizz.  I added rose water to both the shampoo and conditioner I use, along with a few other goodies.
  4. Rose water contains mild astringent properties that can help even out your complexion, tone your skin and tighten your pores.
  5. Rose water fights acne and blemishes with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  It can improve Rosacea and Eczema.  It soothes irritation and inflammation caused by bacteria and provides extra moisture to your skin.  It also tightens capillaries and helps balance the skin's pH.
  6. Rose water has amazing anti-aging properties.  Rose water is full of antioxidants like flavonoids and anthocyanins to fight free radicals.  It's rich in vitamins A, B, C and E that help your skin strengthen and repair itself from sun and environmental damage.
  7. It has medicinal properties that have been used for centuries to address a multitude of issues.  Drinking rose water can ease coughing and soothe sore throats.  It can be applied to wounds to speed up healing and on toothaches to relieve pain and inflammation.

Now that you know everything good that Rose Water has to offer, what will you be using it for?  Check out our amazing triple play product Refresh Your Face Setting Spray that has rose water as a main ingredient. 

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    What more can you love about this product..Just Everything??? I love Refresh Your Face Setting Spray.. It has become part of my beauty routine daily.. #MustHave

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