8 Ways to Use Argan Oil

Tammara Buckey

Argan oil is a versatile ingredient found in personal care products like hair serums, body moisturizers, beard conditioners, scar treatments and anti-aging creams.  Argan oil, dubbed “Liquid Gold,” can be used to specific issues ranging from acne, eczema and psoriasis symptoms to anti-aging, scar treatments and stretch marks.  
Pure Argan oil is cold pressed from the seed kernels of the Argan fruit.  The Argan tree, referred to as the “Tree of Life” by the locals, is native to southwestern Morocco.  Morocco’s indigenous population, the Berbers, have been extracting Argan oil for centuries to use for food, personal care and medicine.  In recent years, it has gained attention in the international beauty scene as a miracle ingredient.  The Berbers have ramped up production to accommodate the increased demand and are becoming more financially independent as a result.
Below are 8 Ways to Use Argan Oil for Personal Care
  1.  Body Moisturizer - Apply all over your body after showering to lock in moisture.  Leaves your skin soft and glowing.
  2. Hands and Cuticles - Massage into cuticles and apply to nail bed after removing polish or use to extend your manicure.  Leaves hands soft and moisturized.
  3. Facial Moisturizer for all skin types - Apply at night and/or in the morning under makeup for a smooth makeup application with a dewy look.  Argan oil helps balance oily skin, which can result in fewer blemishes.  It also encourages cell turnover to help reduce acne scarring.
  4. Hair - Use it as a hair serum to moisturize dry ends and add shine  or leave on overnight as an intensive hair treatment.  Add a little to your shampoo or conditioner to deliver healthy nutrients to your hair.
  5.  Scars and Stretchmarks - Massage into scars and stretch marks to encourage skin repair.  Rub onto stretched skin to prevent stretch mark tears.
  6.  Makeup Remover - Dab on tissue or cotton pad to remove stubborn eye makeup.
  7. Rough/Dry Skin Patches - Massage into elbows, heels, and dry skin patches that can bring moisturizing relief, especially for skin plagued by eczema and dermatitis.
  8. Fine Lines/Sun Damage - Use as a serum at night to combat sun damage, fine lines and hydrate skin.  The high concentrations of Vitamin E and A plus omega 6 and 9 fatty acids make it a perfect ingredient to fight free radicals and the signs of aging. Fatty acids include oleic acid, alpha-linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearidonic acid, linoleic acid and myristic acid along with tocopherols, carotenes, phenols (present in Argan oil are resorcinol, caffeic acid, vanillic acid, oleuropein, catechol, epicatechin, catechin and tyrosol), all of which encourage cell turnover and skin repair.
Argan oil is useful in many ways for your hair, skin and body.  Check out some of the Gorgeous Earth products that contain Argan Oil such as Rosy Cheeks Face Wash,  Oil Cleanser, Conditioning Beard Oil and Smoothing Hair Serum.

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